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We're a design & TEchnology studio that works across brands to build their visual story→ EVERY ELEMENT designed with intention & ATTENTION TO DETAIL →to Win THE hearts & minds in      today's WORLD

WE Work with leaders in the boardroom → AT major INFLECTION POINTS(5)

From paper batteries to on-chain analytics software, from centers to schools, our diverse experiences bring fresh perspectives to every project. And we come in during key phases to impact businesses



Structuring your narrative and presence to attract the next one million audiences



Strategise and align your offerings to effectively target and enter new categories



Empowering even the smallest entity to unleash a thunderous roar and make their mark in their respective categories



Participating with our clients in high-stakes funding rounds to secure funds for business expansion



Update core elements of the brand to ensure that your business is constantly differentiating while staying relevant in global markets


For years, we've worked closely with clients of all sizes, collaborating to develop creative solutions that illuminate their businesses. The most rewarding aspect of this work is being part of a passionate team that's always looking to create the next big thing

In our client's words

"I'd recommend KINU to anyone who's looking for fresh ideas and professionals who help express your brand while pushing new boundaries."

Eugene Cheng

Co-founder, Highspark, Forbes 30u30

"We're serious about our company's online image going-forward and we had Kinu to work alongside with me and my team to execute that visualization we have in our heads. 11/10 would recommend you to just have a chat with Dom to share what you have in mind, and sit back to hear his mind-blowing proposal."

Jayden Soh

Co-Founder, Motionsauce

"One of the best designers that I have worked with, aspects of the process are well thought and out and beautifully executed - his ability to take visions to life makes them stand out from the crowd. "

Vincent Liao

Co-Founder, Metacamp

"It's beyond aesthetics. It's great fundamental understanding of business strategy and innovation that makes KINU the best partners to work with."

Felix Sim

Founder, Salad Ventures

"My journey has always been to empower every one of my clients to make the right move. It's nice to be on the receiving end — to have the team at KINU empower us to better serve our clients."

Diana Teow

Associate Branch Director, Huttons Asia
Founder, The Property Runway

I've worked with many agencies on web development in the past and learned that it's rare to find people who are good at the web development at brand design. Kinu is a rare find that is able to do well on both fronts. Engaging him meant we came out of the deal not only with a new website but also a new brand identity. Our messaging has sharpened, and our UX simpler.

John Tay

Partnership Lead,
Tinmen Capital


A suite of solutions to take your business to the next level

Brand Identity

Corporate Brand Identity

Digital Design

Webflow Design & Development

Shopify Design & Development

UI/UX Design

Keynote Speeches

Social Media Design


Product Photography

Brand/Commercial Photography

Print Design

Marketing Collateral Design

Packaging Design


What kind of clients do you normally work with?

Although we don't limit ourselves to any specific industry, we have a strong background in working with D2C brands, which involves heavy visuals/ for advertisements & campaigns. We do work actively with B2B corporations, mainly tech startups and venture capitalists. Rest assured, we are always here to help if you are not mentioned in any of the above.

How long do projects take?

Our projects usually take 3-4 months for full brand identity projects with large deliverables. However, the duration can be shorter for projects with reduced scopes, around two months. For larger projects, it could take up to 6 months to complete.

We are not designers, how do we ensure we can maintain the new identity?

While growing their businesses and teams, we work with clients to scale their brand marketing operations through a retainer package. This will enable the team to grow its design team and in-house capabilities while providing high-quality outreach. For brands that have their own brand guidelines, we will perform a brand audit for brands that only require such help to ensure we are the right match.

What are the advantages of hiring an external design agency compared to having in-house designers?

For clients that have no in-house designers, you can expect high-quality work at a fraction of the cost of hiring & training a full-time designer. If you're a business expanding fast, we're also a strong strategy and execution partner that can help you grow your outreach and maintain your design needs while you build your team's capabilities.

We're looking for one-off creative services. Do you offer them?

We offer creative services such as designing digital/offline marketing collaterals, keynote, and expanding brand assets with illustrations or photography. However, we are less likely to take on projects that require "quick fixes" or have tight timelines. If you are unsure whether your project falls within that category, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

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