Full-service rebrand for the launch of CAP advisory group — a modern accounting businesses for SMEs

In today's rapidly-evolving business landscape, traditional accounting practices are no longer enough to keep up with the pace of change. That's where CAP comes in. With a focus on optimizing and digitizing financial processes, CAP empowers its clients to achieve greater efficiency and success.

With the recent merger with Beezkorp, a leading accounting firm with over 25 years of experience, CAP was poised to take its brand to new heights. Working closely with their team, we developed a flexible and dynamic brand identity that perfectly captures their values, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence. By creating a brand identity that is both elevated and engaging, CAP is well-positioned to connect with clients and stand out in a competitive marketplace.

As business continues to evolve, CAP's forward-thinking approach to accounting ensures that they will remain a trusted partner to their clients. We're proud to have played a role in their brand revitalisation and are excited to see the positive impact they will continue to make in the industry.

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