Venture capitalists that grooms zebras, not chase unicorns.

In the vast world of venture capital, every firm pursues the elusive unicorn. Amidst a sea of hype and exaggerated claims, most venture capitalists showcase identical aspirations. Then, there's Tin Men – the grounded VCs. Fearlessly saying no to bullish hype, crafting their own destiny, and embracing a distinctive approach towards investing.

Tin Men Capital is an active partner to founders worldwide seeking to revitalise legacy industries by investing in and supporting B2B technology startups. The brand embodies a strong creed: "We see value in what may not glitter. On promising bedrock, we mine, hand to shovel, relentless until the ore is yielded. And then we share. There is tin enough for all hands."

We drew inspiration from their story and crafted an identity that utilises mixed media collages to visually convey their commitment to being "on the ground" venture capitalists. After intriguing experimentation with various textures and photography, we established a formula that solidified the identity, providing the internal team with the capability to consistently deliver results, even when sharing the most complicated ideas

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